Diggin’ for a Cure

Posted September 26, 2012 at 2:17 pm

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The photo above is a collage of both the Clinton County Volley Dawgs and Barren County’s volleyball team making a ribbon on the floor before Thursday night’s “Diggin’ for a Cure” volleyball game. Clinton County won the match in three games and raised more than $2,000 for the Relay for Life. Photo collage courtsey of Mike Williams


The Clinton County Lady Volley Dawgs hosted its third annual “Diggin’ for a Cure” volleyball game Thursday, September 13 at Lindle Castle Gymnasium against Barren Co.

Members of the volley ball team have been more than eager to host the game in order to raise money for a good cause.

Thursday night was no different as fans packed the stands wearing pink attire to show their support.

Before the game was played, both teams came together and stood on the floor in order to make a ribbon to symbolize breast cancer awareness.

“It went wonderful,” Head Coach Pam Ostertag said. “It was the best year that we’ve had. We raised $1,118 for the Relay for Life.”

Ostertag informed the NEWS last Tuesday morning that Beldens, a company in Monticello, has agreed to match what the Volley Dawgs raised, bringing the grand total to $2,236 raised for the Relay for Life.

Volley Dawg player Katie Choate suggested to Coach Ostertag to combine both teams and form a ribbon on the floor. With every player wearing pink shirts, it made for a nice gesture to those who have fought breast cancer.

“She had a photo of it on her phone and she showed it to me right before the game,” Ostertag said. “That was the first I’d seen it and I think it turned out good.”

Ostertag said her players look forward to this game every year and find inspiration in hosting this event.

“It inspires them to do it,” Ostertag said. “They really like to help others. A good portion of the team spent time right after school up until game time making posters. They decorated the gym. I can’t forget my parents … they worked really hard at getting all the donated items, and running the booths in the lobby. They put a lot of time in it and I want to thank them.”

During intermission, the crowd got involved in a serving contest. Members of the crowd came down to the floor and tried to win prizes by serving the ball across the net.

“I like to see the little bitty kids come out there. You have to pick them up so they can get the ball across the net,” Ostertag said. “It’s for all ages …”

Renee Parrigin, Chairperson for the Albany/Clinton County Relay for Life chapter, said she was well pleased with the event and is glad the youth are getting involved.

“It is great to have the organization put on such a great event. What makes the event even more special to me is that the youth are getting involved,” Parrigin said. “You have teenagers painting faces to earn money, looking up picture ideas on the internet, those acts go beyond their call of being a volleyball player and showing up for a game. It makes me very proud to see the teenagers wanting to get involved because you never know when it might be your own family affected by the disease.”

Parrigin said the event has grown over the years and thinks the coaches and parents have done an excellent job with the event.

“I think the event went well. There was a lot of silent auction items. The coaches, volleyball team, and parents did a great job,” Parrigin said.

Even though there were only two survivors at Thursday’s game, Parrigin said once the word gets out that the volleyball team is hosting an event like the one Thursday night, more survivors will come as the event grows.

“I do think the crowd was responsive to the event. There was a great turnout of the event, the gym was full of pink. There were just a few survivors, however the game impacted everyone. Even if survivors can’t make the event the word gets out that the volleyball team raised money for the American Cancer Society,” Parrigin said. “As a volunteer with the ACS, I do what I do because of each survivor and each survivor to come. My last three years of working as chairperson of Relay for Life I have met some great survivors and families and would not trade one thing for the moments and words shared.”

The Volley Dawgs won the match against Barren County in three games, 21-25, 28-26 and 25-21. The team moves to 9-13 on the year.

Recent CCHS volleyball match doubles as

fundraiser, over $2,200 raised for cancer research

The Clinton County Pep Band was on hand Thrusday night, September 13, to volunteer its services during the Clinton County Volley Dawgs “Diggin’ for a Cure” game against Barren County. Band members wore pink shirts to show their support for breast cancer awareness.