Vince Ostertag chosen to chair Clinton Rec/Park Board

Posted October 3, 2012 at 1:55 pm

The Clinton County Rec/Park Board now has a new chairman, following the recent resignation of long-time chairman Chris Lovelace, who stepped down at the end of August.

During a meeting of the park board last Thursday, September 27 with six members present, the board unanimously chose current board treasurer Vince Ostertag to lead the board forward as its chairman.

The board opted to delay making a decision as to who will replace Ostertag in his role as board treasurer, with that decision to be voted on later in the year.

Prior to being selected as chairman, Ostertag presented the monthly treasurer’s report, which showed a balance though late last week at $9,475.64.

The attempt to come up with funds to purchase a new piece of playground equipment to benefit 50 to 60 kids at one time, was put somewhat on hold, as the term of a 50-50 matching grant for the equipment only runs through October of this year. It has become evident that the approximately $15,000 needed by the park board to match the cost of the equipment cannot be made up in that short a time frame.

Park Director Bobby Reneau has been researching the grant for the past few months and although the board can’t come up with the funding in this cycle, the project will still move forward and hopefully in future years, enough money can be raised to purchase the much needed equipment.

Reneau suggested possibly setting up a separate fund to take donations over time that would help make new playground equipment purchases feasible in the future. In the meantime, repairs will be made on existing playground equipment.

After electing a new chairman and discussing nominations for a new treasurer, the board agreed to obtain a complete list of members, including non-attending members and move to have those who don’t attend to be replaced by whichever government entity that appointed them.

The problems with lack of a quorum has plagued the board for the past few years. A total of 15 members comprise the board when they are at full membership–however, some appointed members are not attending meetings and often times there isn’t enough on hand to constitute a quorum for an official meeting to conduct business.

Ostertag also presented board members with a “Robert’s Rules of Order” stipulation which, in some instances, would allow an entity such as the park board something of an exemption to the regular rules, to require only enough members of their membership to be present to make a quorum for business to be conducted.

The board will review its by-laws in the future months and make any changes they may feel beneficial.

Ostertag also asked members to begin thinking about ideas of how the board could produce more revenue if they choose not to operate the concessions next year, but rather allow other non-profits to sell their own concessions and help pay on other park expenses, such as a portion of the utilities.

The higher costs of utilities and food over the past few years has put a financial burden on the park board to pay for all of the expenses associated with operating the concession stand.

The board also mentioned some activities that will be taking place at the park during the month of October.

Reneau said there would be space available for anyone who wished to set up for this weekend’s Rollercoaster Yard Sale. Also during the month, the Second Sunday event, a community type health fair, will take place October 14, which also coincides with the Pumpkin Walk for kids and the Foothills Festival gospel singing.

Finally, the park will be open on Halloween night to give out treats to trick-or-treaters.

The next regular meeting of the Clinton County Rec/Park Board is scheduled for October 25 at 6 p.m. at Mountain View Park and is open to the general public.