Time to ‘fall back’

Posted October 31, 2012 at 2:27 pm


The fall season is in full gear, the leaves are falling and the air is getting noticeably cooler every week. And even the amount of daylight from sun-up to sun-down is visibly lesser each week.

Now, for the next few months, that amount of daylight will be even shorter, as Central Standard Time will take the place of Daylight Savings Time this coming Sunday morning, November 4, officially at 2 a.m., allowing people to get at least an extra hour of sleep for one night out of the year.

Readers are reminded to set their watches, clocks, and other devices that do not automatically change, back one hour before retiring Saturday night or first thing on rising Sunday morning.

The good news for people who like more daylight, or “fast time” is that Central Standard Time now only lasts about four and-a-half months, as Central Daylight Savings Time returns the third Sunday of March, 2013.