Clinton Co. moves to 0-10

Posted October 31, 2012 at 4:15 pm

The Clinton County Bulldogs fell to 0-10 on the year with the final regular season game played Friday night against Eminence, 42-8.

Clinton County traveled to Eminence with 14 players, 13 of which were able to dress out and play Friday night.

“We count Takota. With his injury he obviously can’t play, so we are just playing with 13 right now,” Miller said. “At the start of the game, we got the ball, marched right down the field and then had a turnover. We had four turnovers throughout the course of the game.”

Clinton County played most of the game with everybody on the field, with only two subs on the sidelines, however, Miller said his team had optimism during warmups.

“A lot of the young guys are getting better,” Miller said. “Eli Brown had a 75-yard touchdown run and he is just a freshman. He had about 130 yards on the night. It looks good for the future. He had the lone touchdown and Austin Stearns broke free and scored the two-point conversion. During the first half we moved the ball very well.”

Coach Miller said Daniel Mills has improved this season for the Bulldogs and hopes he will continue to improve to make Clinton County a better team in future years.

“He has really come on as a receiver for us,” Miller said. “He has done a good job for us and I think he will continue to improve.”

The Bulldogs will be trying to work out some kinks this week as they will play in the first round of the 2A State Playoffs against Christian Academy of Louisville.

“They are a very strong team. The only games they have lost were to much larger schools,” Miller said. “Last year they showed a whole lot of class.”

CAL is ranked in the 2A class division according to Miller and he said his team won’t do anything this week but prepare for this game.

“They are a Christian school and I have strong Christian values and last year their coach came over with a Tony Dungy Book. Tony Dungy is a very Christian orientied motivational speaker. For their coach to go out of his way to spread the word of Christ to other people and using that as a ministry, I think is a phenominal thing that he does. They have someone bring hot chocolate and coffee to the fans from the other team. That stuff speaks volumes of the character they have. I would like to see that level of character move thoughout the community here.”

Clinton County’s game against CAL will begin at 7:30 p.m. local time.