Russell County News Register

Posted November 14, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Another monument of a different era came to a close earlier last month as David Kerns locked the door of Jamestown Pennzoil for the final time.

After 27 years of Kerns opening shop bright and early on West Cumberland Avenue, just off the Jamestown Square and behind the Bank of Jamestown, he says it’s time to “take it a little easier.”

The garage was built in 1955 by Charles Aaron, then the distributor for Sinclair Oil. Kerns bought the garage in 1985 from Bunt Holt. Since then he’s been there most days, pumping gas, checking oil and tires; the personal service of a bygone era.

“I always wanted a station and my dad used to trade here,” said Kerns.

“I’ve enjoyed it. I enjoy meeting people It’s been good, made a good living. Didn’t get rich or anything but we enjoyed it.”

“I have a garage at the house and I’ll still tinker around with some old stuff,” said Kerns. “I’ll stay busy; I don’t plan on going home and sitting down.”

He mostly wanted to thank all his customers over the years.

“I just really want to thank everybody for the last 27 years,” Kerns said. “I sure appreciate their business, their patronage. I do appreciate it.”

Those who frequent the square in Jamestown will miss the classic cars Kerns was always working on, the memorabilia he displayed on the $.50 pop machine.

They’ll miss Kerns too, and one more relic of a different time when running over a hose dinged a bell, and someone would come pump your gas, at Jamestown Pennzoil.