Overton County News

Posted November 14, 2012 at 2:23 pm

After months of discussion, certain off-premises signs, including yard sale signs, are now allowed in the City of Livingston. Approval was given on the second reading of Ordinance 2012-10-1 during the regular monthly meeting of Mayor Curtis Hayes and the Board of Aldermen held Monday, Nov. 5.

“It will go into effect as soon as it’s approved tonight,” Mayor Hayes said when the item came up for approval of the second reading. First reading of the ordinance was approved in a called meeting held Wednesday, Oct. 10.

The amended ordinance allows off-premises signs and advertising a yard sale or similar sale for a period of three consecutive days before the sale. No more than two additional signs for a yard sale are permitted, and the signs must be taken down 24 hours after the sale.

Off-premises directional signs for real estate are now allowed 120 consecutive days of a calendar year, but are limited to only one off-premises sign per listing.

Off-premises auction signs are now permitted 21 days before the auction date, but must be taken down within 24 hours of the auction’s end. No more than two directional signs for any auction shall be permitted.

Off-premises signs for commercial and industrial businesses are now allowed if the sign is located on private property with the property owner’s written consent, and are limited to one off-premise sign per tax parcel.

All of the signs allowed in the ordinance amendment must be registered at Livingston City Hall with the codes inspector, at no cost, or some, such as yard sale signs, may have a date on the sign in plain view when set out.

The ordinance also has a restriction on political signs. They are not permitted on any city right-of-way.