Albany City Council

Posted November 21, 2012 at 3:28 pm

Albany City Council held a brief special meeting last Tuesday, November 13 at city hall with all council members present. The meeting became a call meeting, after the regular session from the previous Tuesday had been postponed due to it being on election day.

In the absence of a Monarch Engineer representative, Albany Mayor Nicky Smith gave a brief project update, all pertaining to the utility line relocation project along the 127 Bypass route.

Mayor Smith reported that as of last week, the project–including all three phases to the Tennessee line–were practically 100 percent complete, with the cleanup work now underway.

In related news in the report, the Transportation Cabinet has issued a change order and contract modification to relocate a three-inch water line along the Mountain Drive area and another change order for the second phase of the project and work on both should be completed by mid-December.

The mayor also announced the startup of the annual city/county toy and food drive, also known as the Christmas at Home program. More details on this year’s Christmas at Home, including deadlines, etc. will be published in next week’s Clinton County News.

Mayor Smith also noted that several sidewalks around town, as well as potholes in streets had been repaired in recent weeks and months and commended the street department for a job well done, as well as commending all city employees for their work for the city.

Smith also noted a major water line break that occurred in west Albany last Tuesday morning. He added that with the onset of winter, more water line breaks usually occur due to the cold temperatures but city street department employees, during such incidents, work around the clock to get the lines repaired as soon as possible.

City Clerk Melissa Smith also informed the council that paperwork for refinancing of water loan bonds the city has were to be signed on November 28. The refinancing project will save the city a few years in the time they will be paid off and at least $800,000 in revenue of the next few decades.

Councilwoman Tonya Thrasher also noted that roping off a downtown street on Halloween, allowing vendors to set up and children to trick-or-treat in a centralized location, had been well received. Apparently several persons, despite the cold weather, set up locations and an estimated 300 children came by the location on the square to trick-or-treat on Halloween night.

The mayor then announced that the annual city employee Christmas dinner would be held Thursday, December 6 at 6 p.m. at the Fairgrounds.

Finally, Jay Stockton, husband of councilwoman Mary Faye Stockton, briefly spoke on her behalf, saying they congratulated all the council candidate winners. He further said she had appreciated everyone on the council and had thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the city council over the past two years.

Stockton, who was narrowly defeated for a seat on the council for a second term, served much of her first term through some serious illness that she suffered several months ago and although still recovering, has attended most all of the council meetings over the past several months of this year.

The next regular meeting of Albany City Council is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4 at 5 p.m. at city hall and is open to the public.