Posted December 12, 2012 at 2:32 pm


Going into the record book is always fun

It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that C.C.H.S. Athletic Director Mike Beard called me to ask about my statistics from the boys’ varsity game against Metcalfe County last Friday night – wondering what I had come up with on floor shooting for the first half.

Beard explained that after looking over the stats they had compiled, and re-checking the entire game again with the video, it looked as if Clinton County’s performance would grab us a spot in the KHSAA record book and he was just double-checking to see if my totals matched theirs – 26 for 31 from the field for the first half (83.8 percent) and 38 of 52 overall for the game (73 percent.).

After I checked my totals, I called him back to confirm I had the same numbers, and from there he noted that the game would place the Dawgs in the No. 2 spot for single game field goal percentage in a half, and sixth place overall for single game field goal percentage for an entire game.

It’s certainly not Clinton County’s only entries into the record books, but it’s a nice achievement that this group of players will be always able to point out – to their friends, later their children, and even later, their grandchildren.

Kudos to the Bulldog staff for recognizing that the performance might be worthy of the listing.

A first-time implementation of a speedy second half

I saw the look on some fans’ faces across the way Friday night as the game would come to a stop from time to time, yet the game clock would keep running.

Official Timer (and head Bulldog football coach) Jamie Miller has been known to get into the game so much from time to time that he lets a few seconds slip off of the clock and has to correct his errors, but Friday night that wasn’t the case at all.

A new rule implemented by the KHSAA states that anytime a team gains a 35 point advantage, the game clock will continue to run, stopping only during an injury, free throw shooting, or charged time-out.

Clinton County’s first experience with that new rule came after Bulldog Colby Langford dropped in a pair of free throws with 6:10 on the fourth quarter clock, putting his Dawgs out in front by 35 points.

The rule states that the running clock remains in place regardless of whether or not the margin is cut to less than 35 points. In other words – mount a significant comeback, and you also have to battle a fast running clock.

I’m not sure I like it yet – but I’m going to reserve judgment until I see it a couple of more times – which hopefully will be with Clinton County again on the “good” end of the rule.

Gone to the dark side?

Another new rule puts the Official Scorer in a referee’s uniform (actually any black and white attire would be acceptable) at the Official Table this season, and while we’ve seen Lady Bulldog Official Scorer Johnnie Hay Hicks and Bulldog Official Scorer Lucas Thacker in the new get-up, the one that got the most attention with the look was when Davis sat in Friday night for Thacker who couldn’t be at the Metcalfe County game.

Robbie has been notorious for giving officials a hard time from the stands, and his sitting at the table wearing an officials zebra stripes was more than most local fans could get used to. It would be safe to say that Robbie probably holds the local record for being the most photographed member of the Official Scorer’s Table Crew in a single night.

It was a sight I never thought I’d see!