Ladies win one game, drop two

Posted December 18, 2012 at 7:05 pm



Clinton County guard Ansley Stalcup drove the lane Tuesday night against Cumberland County. The Lady Bulldogs move to 1-2 in district play with the win over the Lady Panthers, 52-44. Stalcup finished with 10 points.

The Lady Dawgs picked up one win this week against district foe Cumberland County, but lost two other games, one to Russell County on Friday and a makeup game on Saturday against Monroe County. Clinton County moves to 2-5 on the season, with a 1-2 district record.

Clinton County 38

Monroe County 65

Saturday night’s matchup consisted of former 16th District rival Monroe County coming to the Castle for a game that was previously scheduled on December 4, but due to a flu outbreak in Tompkinsville, Monroe County was forced to reschedule the game.

The game started on a good note as Alex Beard scored off the tip for a quick 2-0 lead for the Lady Dawgs.

Monroe County answered with a basket on the other end, but Clinton County’s Kayla Dicken added two points for the Lady Dawgs for a 4-2 lead with 6:19 on the clock.

Monroe County then kicked it into high gear, putting together a 12-0 run up until the 2:56 mark, 14-4.

Clinton County’s Beard hit a free throw, but Monroe County added five more points to complete a 17-1 run. The Lady Falcons finished the quarter by outscoring Clinton County 22-3 for a first quarter score of 24-7.

Ansley Stalcup opened the second quarter with a free throw to cut the lead to 16 points, 24-8, but Monroe County added another deuce to the scoreboard for a 26-8 lead.

Clinton County’s Shyanne McWhorter knocked down a three pointer with 6:40 on the clock, but Monroe County answered with back-to-back baskets to lead 30-11.

During the next two minutes, Clinton County’s Beard and Bree Boils added baskets, as well as a free throw from McWhorter to give the Lady Dawgs a five point bump, but Monroe County had no trouble finding the bottom of the net by hitting three more field goals for a 36-16 lead.

Boils hit two of two from the line at the two minute mark, before halftime, but a field goal by Monroe kept the Lady Falcons lead to 20 points with less than a minute on the clock.

Boils finished the half with a field goal to send the Lady Dawgs into the locker room at halftime with an 18 point deficit, 38-20.

During the second quarter alone, Clinton County only fell one point shy of Monroe County by scoring 13 points to the Lady Falcons’ 14.

During the third period, Clinton County continued to struggle against the Lady Falcons and failed to make up the ground lost in the first quarter.

Clinton County finished the third quarter by scoring eight points to Monroe County’s 11, 49-27.

The final quarter saw much of the same from Clinton County as the Lady Dawgs put up 11 points in the final period, compared to Monroe County’s 16. Clinton County moved to 2-5 with the 65-38 loss.

Individual scoring for Clinton County was:

Beard 8

Dicken 8

Boils 6

Stalcup 6

McWhorter 4

Bookout 2

Langford 2

Hicks 2

Clinton County 31

Russell County 65

The Lady Dawgs had a hard time with Russell County Friday night to wrap up the first round of district play as Russell County defeated the Lady Dawgs by 34 points.

Russell County opened up with a 3-0 lead, but Clinton County quickly came back and tied the score off of a free throw by Boils and a field goal by Stalcup.

The Lady Lakers then started to find the hoop and add points to the board adding eight points to Clinton County’s two for a first quarter lead, 11-5.

The Lady Lakers continued to dominate in the second quarter hitting field goal after field goal and making free throws.

At the 2:16 mark, just before halftime, Russell County grabbed an 18 point lead on the Lady Dawgs, 27-9. Clinton County trailed at the half by 20 points to the Lady Lakers, 33-13.

Clinton County started to make more shots during the third quarter, but for every shot the Lady Dawgs would make, Russell County would make two shots.

At the end of three quarter, Russell County led by 28 points, 54-26.

During the final quarter, both teams slacked off on the offensive end of the floor. Russell County had subbed most of the starting players for others on the team. At the sound of the final buzzer, Clinton County only scored six points in the final period, losing 65-31.

Individual scoring for Clinton County was:

Stalcup 11

Boils 5

Beard 4

Elmore 4

M. Campbell 3

Dicken 2

Hicks 2

Clinton County 52

Cumberland County 44

The Lady Dawgs pulled out a win Tuesday night against 16th District rival Cumberland County and moved to 1-1, at the time, in district play.

Cumberland County opened up Tuesday night’s game with a three pointer to take an early lead on the Lady Dawgs. During the first two quarters, Clinton County struggled a little on offense, but held its own on defense.

Stalcup hit a field goal, followed by Boils’ three pointer for a 5-0 run to lead the game, 5-3.

Dicken also contributed with two field goals extending the Lady Dawgs’ lead to six, 9-3.

Cumberland County hit three unanswered free throws to cut the lead to three points, 9-6, but Dicken hit a field goal to put the Lady Dawgs up by five with 1:51 on the clock.

Cumberland County added two more points to the board just before the quarter ended, but Clinton County put up four points on a three pointer by Boils and a free throw by Beard for a 15-8 first quarter lead.

During the second quarter, Clinton County allowed the Lady Panthers to get back into the game with a 5-0 run, 15-13.

Macy Campbell hit a field goal to extend the Lady Dawgs lead to four points, 17-13, but a three pointers by the Lady Panthers cut the lead to one point with 4:12 on the clock before halftime, 17-16.

With four minutes on the clock, Whitney Bookout was fouled and hit one of two from the foul line for an 18-16 lead.

Cumberland County then took the lead on a free throw and a field goal, 19-18, with 1:36 on the clock.

Clinton County’s Beard hit a basket with 1:21 remaining to regain the lead, but the Lady Panther hit two free throws before the half ended to lead at halftime, 21-20.

During the third period, Cumberland County took control and eventually gained a five point lead on the Lady Dawgs with 1:11 on the clock, 31-26.

At the end of the third period, Clinton County found themselves trailing 33-29 with one quarter remaining in the game.

As the fourth quarter got underway, Clinton County rose up and started playing hard nosed basketball, putting together a 6-0 run to lead by two points, 35-33, on a huge three pointer by Tara Elmore with 5:55 on the clock.

Cumberland County went to the line and made only one of two to cut the lead to one point, 35-34, but a seven point swing by the Lady Dawgs took the controls away from Cumberland County. Clinton County led 43-34 with 4:29 on the clock in the fourth quarter.

Even though Clinton County had a somewhat comfortable lead, the Lady Dawgs were still playing as if they were behind, which allowed Cumberland County to get back into the game and cut the lead to three points, 43-40.

With a minute remaining, Beard hit the first of a one and one. She missed the second one, but grabbed her own rebound and went back up with a shot making the basket for a six point lead, 46-40.

Cumberland County made two more field goals to cut the lead to two points, 46-44, but two free throws with 34 seconds on the clock from Boils put the Lady Dawgs up by four, 48-44.

With 24 seconds on the clock, Cumberland County puts up a desperation three pointer in hopes of cutting the lead to one. The Lady Panthers’ shot was off the mark and the Lady Dawgs came out with the rebound. Cumberland County commits a foul in order to stop the clock, sending Stalcup to the line for two shots.

With 23 seconds left, Stalcup drains both free throws to move up by six points, 50-44.

Another foul on Cumberland County sent Beard to the line with 13 seconds remaining. She hit both to finalize the score, 52-44.

The Lady Dawgs added its second win of the season to the win column and have one win in district play.

Individual scoring for Clinton County was:

Beard 18

Stalcup 10

Dicken 8

Boils 8

McWhorter 4

Elmore 3

Bookout 1

The Lady Dawgs were back in action Tuesday (too late for press deadline) at home against Taylor County and will travel to Caverna to participate in the Caverna Lady Colonel Christmas Classic December 20-22.

The Lady Dawgs will be back at home after the Christmas holiday by hosting the Best of the Lakes Holiday Classic.

Clinton County will play Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 27, 28, and 29 against Cumberland County, Pickett County and McCreary Central respectively. Those games will tip off at 8 p.m. each night.

The Lady Dawgs will also play Clay County, TN on Saturday, December 29 at 3 p.m.

Bree Boils hit a three pointer during the first half against Cumberland County on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. She finished the game with eight points.