Livingston Enterprise

Posted December 18, 2012 at 8:29 pm

The Overton County Sheriff’s Department has offered the following information to help residents avoid scams this holiday season.

Phone and email scams are prevalent during this time of year. In one such incident, a woman was contacted through phone by an individual who introduced himself as a government employee. He asked for her Social Security number so that she could claim benefits for the upcoming year. The woman refused to give her information and that person then threatened her. She did not give in to this threats and hung up the phone.

If an individual is suspected of impersonating a Social Security Administration employee, contact the Sheriff’s Department with the following details: the caller’s alleged name; the time and date the call was received; what information was requested by the caller; and any other identifying details about the content of the call.

There are also numerous mail fraud and check cashing scams circulating within the community. Residents are advised to use caution when giving personal information.

Scam artists have also begun to use social media to scam their victims.

Residents can contact the Overton County Sheriff’s Office at 823-5635.