Letter to the editor

Posted December 18, 2012 at 8:54 pm

To the Editor,

Each trip I make to a store I have an amount of money I can spend and no more. I must stick close to my budget even down to the cents. It takes money to keep my lights on, my water running, my wheels turning, and all the stomachs in my house filled. Sometimes I look at each thing in my basket and decide if it is a need or a want. That helps me so very much to keep close to my budget.

One trip added to my wisdom of money, and its best uses. I had paid the dollars part of my bill with a few dollar bills left. My hope was to have enough coins to pay the cents part of my bill. Just as I told the check-out person I didn’t have enough coins, a hand overflowing with coins came into my view. The voice belonging to the hand asked how much I need, and to just take it from her hand.

The check-out person and I just stood still. The voice said if I needed more coins, she had plenty more. The check-out person took out the coins I needed. I hope I remembered to say thank you. I did tell her she had helped me. She just smiled.

A few seconds later I said, “You helped me–I will help somebody, and that somebody will help somebody.” The “handful of coins lady” laughed, looked at the check-out person, and said, “I believe she’s got it!” She agreed and smiled.

It was a very moving, almost bringing tears event, for all of us. We spoke a while about how this world and its people should be living, helping when you get the chance to.

As a result of a meeting between strangers, I understand what a blessing it is to be in a time and place where you have the power and means to help others. You bring from it not adding more money to your pocket, but adding more wisdom to the heart and the space between your ears. And you make God smile and the angels sing.

Mary C. Albertson,

Albany, Kentucky