Posted December 27, 2012 at 2:24 pm


Alan B. Gibson

Healed, and ready for some roundball

As many of you already know, I spent last week’s Clinton County High hosted Twin Lakes Holiday Classic, sitting at home catching the action as it was being relayed via the air waves of WANY with Sid and Sid, along with updates from Clinton County News sports reporter (and oldest son), Brett Gibson.

Wasn’t simply because I dislike holiday tournaments – as I noted in these very spaces last week (for the ump-teenth time), but rather instead I was one of the thousands of Kentuckians who, despite getting an annual flu shot – was sidelined with the flu.

Medical experts can refer to what I had as “flu-like” symptoms if they like since they didn’t get to use their expert medical practicing to make the diagnosis -what I had was the real, full blown, miserable, shake all over, can’t eat, cough-hack-sneeze-sweat, flu.

I first got the feeling something was more than a head-cold mid-way through Tuesday night’s public address work of the Lady Bulldogs – Taylor County contest when I noticed that while the game was nearly over with, I was still wearing my jacket and was still feeling as if I had just walked in from the parking lot, despite having been there for a couple hours already.

By the next morning, there was no question, there would be not only no work for me the rest of the week, but no basketball work as well.

Apologies go out to the athletic department staff – namely Athletic Director Mike Beard, who in a pinch and with enough already on his plate in making the final preparations necessary to pull off a successful Twin Lakes tournament, now was faced with finding a Public Address substitute. Thanks also go out to Rob Davis and Mickey McFall for filling in during the tournament in my absence.

My appreciation also goes out to the many of you who sent messages urging my speedy recovery and hope that I would return to the sidelines as soon as possible. Your thoughts were truly appreciated.

There have been several times in the past when a brief illness or even a February golf vacation or two have caused me to miss a single game, but to the best of my memory, that’s the most consecutive games I’ve missed at Clinton County since agreeing to do the Public Address duties to then Athletic Director and boys head coach Lindle Castle prior to the start of the 1978-79 season.

Now with that out of my system (I hope without any relapses) for a while, I am actually looking forward to sitting down at the table and announcing a few games for this week’s upcoming girls’ varsity holiday tournament, which gets underway this Thursday night. Previous family plans will call for me to miss Saturday’s games, so don’t be concerned about my health, just my girth.

I’m also looking forward to the arrival of the 2013 portion of this roundball campaign and what it should be bringing to the Clinton County program and its fans – more regular season games, the All “A” Classic tournament trail, the collection of some much needed and deserved victories, and lots of Big Blue basketball action.

After last week – I am glad to be able to put 2012 behind me, and my hopes for everyone out there – especially to the Bulldogs, Lady Bulldogs, the Big Blue coaching staff and to the fans – a . . .

Happy New Year!