Treasure Hunt 2012 ends with top prize find

Posted January 3, 2013 at 3:38 pm



Although it took a week or so longer than the average time, WANY’s 2012 Treasure Hunt, “Rockin’ Round the Christmas Tree” finally came to an end about mid-afternoon last Friday, December 26.

A trio of local, and for the most part, “experienced” local treasure hunters located the grand prize in an unusual spot and will share approximately $2,100 worth of cash and prizes. Of the total amount, $1,075 was in cash, with $1,000 being donated by the radio station, along with over $1,000 worth of other prizes donated by local businesses.

The three individuals who found the ‘treasure’ were Penny Duvall, her brother, Jerry Denney, and fellow hunter Donnie Ferrill.

The prize was actually a piece of bark placed strategically in a tree (to fit the surrounding bark) near the corner of Albany City Hall. The wood had a small piece of paper with a “present” cut off from a Christmas name tag attached to the paper, as well as the letters WANY.

The majority of the lucky treasure hunters, Penny Duvall and Ferrill, have been in on the hunts all through the years and say they have come close previously to identifying the area where the many clues eventually lead the winners to, but this is the first time either has actually won.

All three said they began hunting this year from day one, when the first clue was given. They searched both individually, in pairs, and occasionally, as was the case last week, as a team.

The trio apparently began suspecting trees as a possible location when the final “bonus” clues were given, including the barking dogs that includes the word “bark”, as in tree bark.

The 2012 version of the Treasure Hunt began on December 1 and took three and-a-half weeks to be found, but it was a definite late Christmas present for the lucky winners, who had to beat out a host of other treasure hunters, some of which search every year, as well as some who only got in on the fun this year.

Pam Allred, owner of WANY, who organizes both the Treasure Hunt and Christmas at Home program, congratulated the winners and also thanked everyone who participated, including area businesses who donated prizes, either toward the Grand Prize or the Christmas tree prizes.