Letter to the editor

Posted January 3, 2013 at 3:57 pm

To the Editor,

I have written to both the Kentucky House of Representatives and the Senate with no response. The forced fluoridation of our municipal water supply by the state. Since our state’s leading death cause is cancer, anything that may cause it should be eliminated or at least let the people have a say on whether they want it or not.

Fluoride has never been either tested or proven safe by the FDA as it was “grandfathered” (like aspirin, used prior to 1938). It is classified as an “unapproved drug.”

The Journal of the American Dental Association in their July 2000 issue stated “Taken systemically, fluoride has never been proven to have any significant effect on tooth decay. In other words, fluoride from a water supply is totally ineffective. It has to be applied directly like a dentist does to have any effect at all. Look at what it says on the bag the dentist uses to get rid of his waste.

Fluoride came from ALCOA in 1945 as a way to get rid of toxic waste. They had huge stockpiles of fluoride as from their smokestack scrubbers. The wind blew it onto neighboring farms, crippling the cattle and damaging crops and they were being sued. The only major use at the time was for rat poison and that was a small market. The cost of transporting it and burying it at an approved toxic dumpsite was very high. They had to find another way to get rid of it.

Gerald Cox, their lab technician, was commissioned to find a use. He found that by painting on rat’s teeth, it hardened them. He also discovered that it did not work when swallowed. Who could be against saving children’s teeth was what they have sold it with. Now, instead of paying out over $7000.00 per truck load in 1940 money, they receive $4000.00 per ton for this rat poison that is in our water every day that we have no say so over as Kentucky citizens. More are dying every day. If this has the slightest chance of causing cancer it should be stopped.

We are being killed by cancer. Recently, my brother died of cancer, before that my church minister, and my Sunday school director.

The fertilizer industry has to dispose of tons of fluoride annually, as they will fight anything that stops them from disposing of this poison. As citizens we deserve the right to vote on whether we want this rat poison in our water or not.


James DeForest

2988 Ky. Hwy. 558

Albany, Ky. 42602