Wayne County Outlook

Posted January 9, 2013 at 3:30 pm

The Monticello Police Department has received several reports of a current telephone scam in which a caller identifies himself as an FBI agent and asks the victim to purchase a money card in the caller’s name, usually in an amount of $50 to $100 and in return the caller will give the victim a large amount of money, usually around $500,000.

This is a scam and anyone who participates will lose money and get nothing in return. The police department noted that there will be no one to prosecute for the scam.

Anyone who does follow the instructions and purchases a money card, will be instructed to mail the caller the card or wire him the money. He will provide an excuse for not being able to collect the money in person. He may even ask for banking data so he can send the promised money electronically. He will then empty your bank account, cautioned police.

If the caller is in this country at all it will be several states away. Most likely he is in a foreign country calling on an untraceable prepaid telephone.

The name used by the caller may change, the agency he works for may change, the amounts of money may even change, but it will still be the same thing–a scam.

Anyone with questions or who needs more information should contact the Monticello Police Department at (606) 348-9313.


Friday, December 28 marked the final day in office for Wayne Circuit Clerk Richard Morrow, who officially retired from the job he had held for the past 25 years.

Staff members, along with members of the community, joined together to recognize Morrow with a retirement reception in his honor that afternoon in the district courtroom of the Justice Center.

Morrow received a plaque from District Judge Mike Lawson noting his 25 years of service to the community.

Lawson shared his thoughts on Morrow and expressed his appreciation for the job he has done as Wayne Circuit Clerk.

Morrow, 73, took office as Wayne Circuit Clerk on January 1, 1988. He has run unopposed since that time. Morrow decided not to seek re-election in 2012.

Morrow has been an active member of the Republican party since 1969 and has held many positions in the organization. He is a former member of the National Guard, serving from 1957 through 1966. He was a supply clerk for the unit.

Prior to being elected Wayne Circuit Clerk, Morrow worked for 27 years for the Correll and Johnson Hardware Store, which was located in downtown Monticello.

Deputy clerks presented Morrow with a special token of their appreciation. Chief Deputy Clerk James Lynn Hill made the presentation noting, “I served under the greatest sheriff and now I have served under the greatest circuit clerk.”

Morrow was joined at Friday’s reception by his wife, Janice, and his daughter, Lisa Pyles.


Monticello Police Department is now writing citations and enforcing towing for vehicles that are illegally parked in fire lanes in areas all around the city.

Monticello Police Chief Ralph Miniard stated that illegal parking in fire lanes has become a public safety issue and officers are no longer issuing warnings to violators.

The estimated fine and costs for a fire lane violation is $168.00.

The police department is encouraging all vehicle operators to avoid parking in any fire lane and to help keep fire lanes open and unobstructed for their intended, legitimate emergency use.