Letters to the editor

Posted January 9, 2013 at 3:37 pm

To the Editor,

Everybody knows there is a God, that’s my belief. But some people don’t want to admit it. Why? They get all torn up inside when they see a cross. Seeing the Ten Commandments out where all can see them can almost give them a heart attack. Why?

I heard it asked on a radio talk show, “Why get so upset if God does not exist?” People who say they have been kidnapped by creatures from another planet never get hauled into courtrooms for telling what they believe is true. Some people say they have already lived more than a few lives going back thousands of years. Nobody told them they can’t speak out in public places, and explain to others what they believe.

Why can’t those who believe in God speak out? It’s because the “God does not exist” people know God is real, is powerful, and cannot be ignored! Take a look at the book of Job in the Bible. In the first chapters, Job is shown to be someone God cares for, and has helped all through his life. Now comes the Devil-Satan. He shows up in heaven with God’s angels standing before God. “Where have you come from?” asks God. “From patrolling the earth,” says Satan. God already knew Satan is forever traveling all over the earth looking to start trouble anywhere he can. God is still in heaven speaking with his angels as they come to meet with him, and talk about how things are going with us humans. Satan is still mean, hateful, and looking for places to cause suffering.

I have no doubt that God and Satan still see each other. No matter the sickness or trouble, Christians keep pushing back and giving no room for Satan to tempt them into not believing. Life is not perfect. Here is where a Christian makes a stand, and prays to God. The closer you get to God the more upset Satan gets. Such a huge frown Satan must wear each time he fails to spread sadness and trouble. How would you like to know you put a big, fat frown on Satan’s face?

We used to sing a song as kids in church about being in the Lord’s Army. I think it really is a battle between good and evil here in this life. Have you chosen sides? I hope you’re in the Lord’s Army. I am.

Mary C. Albertson

Albany, Kentucky