To the Editor,

Posted January 9, 2013 at 3:38 pm

For the most part, everyone knows their alphabet as they come up through their schooling. There are three letters in the alphabet that can mean life or death. PFA: Protection From Abuse. We have learned months ago that the real truth of these three letters, in the death of one woman and the wounding of a man. In Clinton County, Kentucky, a lady was stalked by her ex-husband, who eventually kidnapped, tortured and killed her before taking his own life. Where was ‘law enforcement’ when they were needed to protect her rights, it seems nothing was done.

Cumberland County, Kentucky Sheriff deputies were called to a violation of a PFA. The deputy did not respond to this call for help, instead he went to help another deputy who didn’t need any help, before he responded to the call he was supposed to go to but did not. A woman shot a man who was assaulting her husband to protect him from a PFA violator. Why does it not surprise me that law enforcement does not seemingly take “PFA” seriously? Does the “good old boy network” still prevail in these two counties? In Cumberland County that deputy should have been suspended, sent back to school to re-learn his alphabet with proper police training, before coming back to work.

With my four decades plus of law enforcement training, PFA has always been treated as a serious crime. This is “one man’s opinion.”

Jack G. Keen

357 Raymond Smith Rd.

Burkesville, Ky. 42717