Cumberland County News

Posted January 16, 2013 at 2:26 pm

Cumberland County High School has been recognized by Terry Holliday, Kentucky Education Commissioner, for being in the “Top Ten” schools for one year growth on College and Career Readiness rates in Kentucky.

Cumberland County High School scored a 63.1 College and Career Score with the state average being 51.8.

College and Career Readiness for schools and districts reflects how many students are ready for college and/or careers, based on test scores and certifications earned. It is measured by ACT benchmarks, college placement tests and career measures.

In order for students to be college ready, students must meet ACT benchmarks of English 18, Math 19, and Reading 20 or meet benchmarks on the COMPASS test of English 74, Math 36, and Reading 85.

In order for students to be Career Ready, students must meet the benchmark of 50 on the ASVAB or earn a Silver or Gold certificate on the WorkKeys and pass the KOSSA test or receive an Industry Certificate. Schools can earn a half point bonus for students who meet both College and Career Readiness.