Clint Poore continues to break records in the weight room, some his own, many set by others

Posted January 30, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Clinton County native Clint Poore is no stranger to the weight room. Poore has been lifting for 26 years and during the past several months he has found a new hobby with a way to incorporate his time in the weight room … record breaking.


Poore has been setting, establishing and breaking records for several months now. He has attempted 113 records and last month, one of his records was listed in the Top 15 on as the best in 2012.

As of presstime, Poore holds 94 records with 19 of his records being broken.

“Any record set, has to be quantifiable in measurement. There has to be some way to measure it. I’ve had people from Austria, Belgium, India, Canada and the U.S.A. break my records,” Poore said. “I try to get them back … some of them I haven’t yet. Once you set one, anybody, anywhere can break it.”

Poore said he enjoys breaking records and having his records broken. It fuels him to get that record back and he said it gives him something to accomplish.

“It’s enjoyable and fun. It gives you a goal … something you can obtain,” Poore said.

Poore is also a member of the Omega Force Strength Team, which has more than 40 active members in 10 different states.

Omega Force has also set several records and most of the records they set, they do during their routine.

“We set five world records at Majors Pizza,” Poore said. “We broke one record and established four others. That was fun. The way they describe themselves is where Guinness is like Encyclopedia, Record Setter is like Wikipedia. It’s open to anyone. There is no waiting line … you just have to do it.”

Poore said he got into using Record Setter through Omega Force.

The strength team was looking to set some world records and he first looked at Guinness. Poore said it cost more than $600 to attempt a record with Guinness and to have them look at the record for verification inside six months.

“We perform at the largest sports festival expo in the world and we have been doing it for the past five years,” Poore said. “We thought we would like to get a hold of Guinness to see if we could set some world records there. When I looked up the process with Guinness I thought that was too much to pay, plus you have to pay for the Guinness official to show up.”

Poore said he was searching the internet when he came across Record Setter and thought it would be a better fit for what he wanted to do with the Omega Force Strength Team.

“They call it the new home for world records. It’s the modern version of Guinness. It’s an American based company based out of New York City,” Poore said. “I’ve just been playing with it ever since. I got on there and tried one of the records just to see if they approved it and they did.”

With training, Poore said you have to have goals. “It gives you something to train for,” Poore said.

Record Setter is not just a weight lifting record company. Any type of record that can be measured is allowed.

Poore has also been working on the U.S.A. weight lifting team which operates inside the International Power lifting Federation.

“I did the best I’ve done in years,” Poore said. “I benched 418 pounds. If I got over 400 I was going to be excited. I hit 418 and it was a new Pan American Bench Press record. That was pretty cool.”

Poore said since his shoulder surgery to remove a bone spur, his lifting has gone to a whole new level.

“I was hurting bad for four or five years. I went to a buddy of mines in Danville, KY, and I was feeling good so I wanted to try more weight. I ended up getting 460 pounds,” Poore said. “Hopefully I can do more by next year with Team U.S.A.”

Other than competing with the Team U.S.A., Poore hopes to qualify for the World Bench Press team, which could possibly be looked at as an Olympic Sport in future Olympics.

“They just got Olympic recognition and they are pushing to get it in,” Poore said. “It would be pretty cool.”

In addition to working with the Team U.S.A., Poore said the producers from “American’s Got Tallent” has contacted the Omega Force Strength Team and wants the group to send in a demo of their routine to be considered for the show this summer.

“We went to Chicago two years ago and tried out and we never heard anything back,” Poore said. “They called back this year and want us to re-tryout.”

Poore said the group is going to try and get a demo put together in the next few weeks and send it to the show for consideration.

“It would be interesting,” Poore said. “That’s a ‘wait and see’ type thing. We will do it and wait to see if they call us back.”

If the group is considered for the show, Poore said they film from March to May and show those episodes for about six weeks, up until the live shows.

“The problem is you never know how its going to be presented,” Poore said. “It will be fun if we get a shot.”

To see Poore’s and the Omega Force’s records, log on to and type in “Clint Poore” or “Omega Force” in the search box.


Clint Poore is shown above competing in the International Powerlifting Federation event in Denver last year. Poore benched 418 pounds in that competition.