To the editor

Posted February 12, 2013 at 9:23 pm

To the Editor,

On one of my most favorite TV shows of all time, Grandpa Walton talked about the order God used as God created our world.

Grandpa saw the fact that people were made by God last of all showed that we were the least important of all made. I believe God was showing how much He valued us by preparing a place of peace and comfort for us–and then placing us there.

I would agree with Grandpa that we need to know where we fit in to this grand plan of creation by God. Even our bodies are made of small parts put together to work together to make a truly big and wonderful piece of God’s own image.

He made us to be the happiest when we put somebody else ahead of ourself, and saw the result of this God given choice. I love my pets–especially my dogs–so very much, but one way of theirs is not too fine an idea. Most of them put their own feelings and needs ahead of other fellas.

I know God gave them this idea for their own good. They started their lives at the time of creation being on their own. Only the smartest, and quick moving animals were able to stay alive, and not be somebody else’s meal. How could anyone find fault with them for following the way God gave to them to survive, and maybe even raise their own families?

I am so glad that in Heaven all that God created will become one. No one will have to kill to live, or run and hide to keep from being killed. We will all be friends and neighbors and one together. We will all be important, and have our own place and meaning in being in Heaven.

When I think of Heaven, I can hear birds singing, dogs barking, cats meowing, people talking and laughing together. Sounds like these. Things will go back to how it all began so many years ago. It will be like a big garden. All the creatures named in the beginning of Genesis will be there–including us people. Amen to that.

Mary C. Albertson,

Albany, Kentucky