City council hears projects update at brief meeting

Posted February 12, 2013 at 9:28 pm

Albany City Council held a short regular session last Tuesday evening, February 5 at city hall with all council members present.

In the absence of a Monarch Engineer representative, Mayor Nicky Smith gave the brief monthly progress report for the ongoing, and soon to be totally completed, bypass utility relocation projects.

Phase II of the bypass relocation, from Hwy. 1590 to Hwy. 969 on the existing US 127 is complete with final clean-up needed. The third and final phase, on to the Tennessee state line, has completed all work except for one meter reconnection, one water main connection, and concrete kicker installation at various fittings. Final clean-up will also be needed on that phase of the project to make the utility relocation 100 percent finished.

The council then, on a motion by Leland Hicks, voted to declare the following equipment as surplus and advertise for seal bids: 1998 Chevy 4×4 motor new, minimum bid of $1,100; portable air compressor; and a 1973 Ford fire truck.

Councilwoman Tonya Thrasher also informed the council about a local National Guardsman who is serving a year-long tour of duty in Jordan. She indicated plans were being made to send the local soldier, Matthew Aaron, a care package to show hometown support for his service.

More details on that project will be published later as plans are made and finalized.

Prior to adjourning, the council also discussed a few streets that need repair and Council member James “Smitty” Smith also noted there were some cracks showing up on the wall at Albany Cemetery in north Albany that may need to be repaired as well.

The next regular meeting of Albany City Council is scheduled for March 5 at 5 p.m. at city hall and is open to the general public.