Letter to the editor

Posted March 5, 2013 at 6:03 pm

To the Editor,

I knew, and could see with my own eyes, that my mother was not feeling so good. In fact, she told me one day she was feeling very tired. This still did not prepare me for her massive heart attack. She complained of chest pains. I asked her what she wanted to do. She was uncertain.

I told her to think about it while I took food to my cats outside. When I came back in, she decided she should “have help.”

This began a journey taken by us. We traveled from Albany to Lexington where she died on her eighth day away from home. She had always said she wanted to be carried out our front door like her mother was when she died.

Just a day or so before she was taken off all life support, she asked for her paper and pencil. She wrote down: “Don’t worry about me. Jesus is with me. He’s my friend.”

I told her I’d rather have her than the finest home or the biggest car. She shook her head – “Yes.”

This is a priceless gift. Nothing in the world can even come close to buying it. It will never be for sale. You get it by saying yes to God and Jesus.

The wisest man who ever lived was given his wisdom by God. This human-Solomon-said in the back of Proverbs 3:6: “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” God will be your road map on your short journey here and now and for all of this life. You will never, ever be lost. The road God will keep you on has always been straight and narrow, and leads you to a better place. Amen.

Mary C. Albertson

Albany, Kentucky