RECC Board elections under way, votes collected through April 24

Posted April 3, 2013 at 1:50 pm

There is an election currently underway in several southern Kentucky areas, including here in Clinton County.

However, it’s not the kind of election where people have to travel to the polls and cast votes on a machine.

Ballots began being mailed this past Monday, April 1 to all South Kentucky RECC members in four districts, to fill vacant SKRECC Board of Director seats.

A total of 35 names will appear on the ballot in the four-district area combined, including some 13 candidates who are seeking the seat to replace long-time member Bill Shearer, who along with other South Kentucky RECC board members, retired late last summer.

In addition, there are 16 total candidates in district one and three each in districts two and six that are seeking the four seats.

According to an article in South Kentucky RECC’s monthly publication, Kentucky Living, history is being made at the co-op with the election and ballots to co-op members should have been mailed by April 1. The magazine also has a brief profile of all the candidates seeking board seats this month.

One thing about the ongoing balloting that many people didn’t know is that all members–regardless of their district–can vote for one member in each of the four districts, or cast up to four votes on the one ballot.

Voters who take part in the board of director election are asked to mark your ballot with either a black or blue ink pen and place an X in the box by the candidate for whom you are placing your vote.

Once completed, place your ballot into the enclosed, official envelope and place it in the mail to be mailed to Survey and Ballot Systems, Eden Praire, Minnesota. There is no postage necessary.

Ballots must be received by April 24 to be counted and any ballot received after that date will not be valid.

In February, the co-op released the names of those individuals who will represent the Clinton County area in District Five and the aforementioned RECC publication lists all candidates in each district, along with the brief profile.

The candidates who appear on the ballot met the co-op’s bylaw director qualifications, turned in signatures of at least 75 SKRECC members, and passed an extensive background check, according to a release from the co-op in February.

The board vacancies were created when four board members suddenly announced their retirement from their seats near the end of the board meeting being held on September 13.

Shearer, who had represented Clinton County on the board for 36 years, was one of those four members who left the board at that time.

Also leaving the board were Richard Stephans of McCreary County (District Five), Charles Gore of Russell County (District Two) and John Pruitt in Pulaski County (District One.)

“Our membership should be pleased with all the work and effort that has gone into enhancing the cooperatives democratic process,” said Allen Anderson, CEO SKRECC. “Members can make their voices heard by exercising their right and privilege as a member-owner of South Kentucky RECC by casting their vote for the candidates they feel will best serve them on the cooperative’s board.”