Overton County News

Posted April 24, 2013 at 1:43 pm

A large crowd gathered for Overton County Legislative Body’s Monday, April 15 regular monthly meeting in anticipation of an expected vote on selling Overton County Nursing Home. But with the item not on the agenda, a vote was not forthcoming.

Instead, County Executive Ron Cyrus proposed a steering committee to gather information before any vote is taken on selling the county-run nursing home. But that discussion took place at the end of the meeting.

As the meeting was about to adjourn, Commissioner Savage, a member of Overton County Nursing Home Board, asked about the Property Committee’s recent vote to sell the nursing home.

“Several people are here that would like to speak,” she said. “I think they need to address the county commission.”

Executive Cyrus said, “What we have got to do before we make any decision on anything is have the information we should go by in order to bring a conclusion to whatever direction the nursing home will go.”

He said further, “I think it merits a study to see if it’s worthwhile to see if we need to continue to be in the nursing home business as a county agency. That’s not to do away with the nursing home, and it’s never intended to do away with the nursing home.”

He said he is going to ask for a “steering committee” to be put together, made up of professionals, to look at how the nursing home is run and how others are run in the seven other counties that operate nursing homes.

“What came out in the paper is premature,” Cyrus said. “That study has not been done yet. So, I think before we jump to conclusions and say that we’re selling the nursing home, I think that there has to be a study done to see what the effects are going to be and how previously owned nursing homes are operated.”

Commissioner Honeycutt spoke up, “But, right here in our agenda, it’s got that there were some votes taken in some committees to sell the nursing home. I don’t understand.”

“But, after thought,” Cyrus answered, “the discussion was made, it was decided that it is premature.

Executive Cyrus said there is not enough information to sell it at this point in time.

“It’s just like anything else, if we’re going to do something, you need to have the material, any information in which to make a logical decision,” Cyrus said.

He then gave the floor to Commissioner Moles.

“That’s what I recommended the other night,” Moles said. “We had a meeting–that we have a genuine panel of people that are professionals that know what they’re talking about.”

He said he wants to know how it would affect the employees of the nursing home and the quality of care for the nursing home residents.

Cyrus reiterated, “All I’m saying is that a study needs to be done. That’s all that’s taking place. There has to be a study done, and I want to pursue that study.”

Cyrus said, “I talked to the attorney about the steering committee, and he said that’s the way I should go.”

Commissioner Phipps clarified, “But not, there was a vote took in the Property Committee, voted three to two to sell it.”

Phipps voted against selling the nursing home in the vote on April 8.

“That was a premature vote,” Cyrus said.

Phipps questioned why it was not pointed out at the time.

After more discussion, Cyrus said, “This concludes this meeting.” Then the meeting adjourned.