Park board looking at new fundraisers to boost revenues

Posted May 1, 2013 at 2:01 pm

The Clinton County Rec/Park Board was scheduled to meet last Thursday, April 25 at the park, but were a couple of members shy of a quorum for an official meeting. Five members of the board were on hand.

Those members that were present–Wayne Glover, Leland Hicks, Matt Smith, Carol Parrigin and chairman Vince Ostertag, as well as park director Bobby Reneau–did discuss some general issues, including buildings and grounds issues and possible fundraisers.

Board members that were on hand first reviewed the treasurer’s report. The fund balance, thanks to the most recent county allotment for this fiscal year of $10,000, was around $9,700 minus pending bills.

With the board doing all it can to cut and hold down expenses in difficult financial times, the board discussed the possibility of holding some type of additional fundraisers at the park throughout the year, in additional to the annual 127 Yard Sale in early August.

The board seemed particularly interested in hosting one or two car shows at the park, that would feature antique vehicles of all types with entry fees used to help raise some needed funds for the park.

Ostertag asked Reneau and Hicks to basically be a two-person committee to check on getting more information and possibly holding such an event later in the year.

Other possible events could include a gospel singing and so forth where food and concessions could be sold to help raise money.

Ostertag also discussed some grounds changes, including moving the current batting cage to another area and constructing another volleyball court area, adding a sandbox for children’s play areas and moving the current horse shoe pitch locations to the front of the park in more shaded areas where that could be utilized more.

Members also continued discussions of ways to get some additional playground equipment for the park, either through grants or other means when funds become available.

The next regular meeting of the Rec/Park Board is scheduled for May 30 at 6 p.m. at Mountain View Park and is open to the public.