Fiscal court special session is related to industrial prospect

Posted May 1, 2013 at 2:02 pm

The county, with assistance from other agencies, is in the process of negotiations with a potential industry to locate here. However, that is about all that is officially being released at this point in time.

Clinton County Fiscal Court held a call meeting on the matter last Friday morning with five of six members present for the just over half-hour call session. The majority was in executive session pertaining to “possible future property acquisition” for economic development purposes.

County Attorney Michael Rains had a prior out-of-town commitment and neither he nor assistance county attorney Gary A. Little were able to attend the special meeting.

Also on hand at the meeting was Joe Lacosta with Ross-Sinclair and Associates and Bennie Garland with South Kentucky RECC. Albany Mayor Nicky Smith was also in attendance indicating that the city may be involved to some extent with assisting in the local project.

Judge/Executive Lyle Huff announced after the approximate 30-minute closed session that Garland was serving as an advisor to the court on the possible economic development venture–which apparently would bring a few jobs into the county if realized.

The apparent reason for the closed session, under KRS statutes related to property acquisition, was to discuss a possible proposed site or sites for the industry that is interested in locating here.

Upon returning to open session, Garland briefly addressed the court and others on hand, noting that a potential location for a potential industrial client “that would stimulate the (local) economy” had been discussed in closed session.

“We’re in negotiations at this point and time,” continued Garland. “Any action taken later would be disclosed in open session.” However, due to confidentiality with the perspective industrial client, no further official information could be released.

Garland also went on to say that South Kentucky RECC would continue to work with and assist the county with the project.

No official action was taken at last week’s meeting and no timetable was given as to when any type of official announcement on the economic development issue might be made.

The next regular meeting of Clinton Fiscal Court is scheduled for Thursday, May 16 at 5 p.m. at the courthouse and is open to the general public.