Posted May 22, 2013 at 2:28 pm


by Alan B. Gibson

Athletes to Alumni – time for congrats and giving thanks

It’s hard to believe, and it seems to be coming around faster and faster each year, but this Friday night we’ll celebrate yet another graduating class from the halls of Clinton County High School.

Of course congratulations go out to the entire Class of 2013, but this being a sport oriented column, I always like to take a closer look at the accomplishments and what went into those accomplishments, of the group of seniors who were also involved in the various sports inside our Bulldog athletic program.

Managing to keep school work up to date, while at the same time getting to practice sessions, games and working on your own, made your feat of accepting your diploma this Friday night even more challenging, and for that, a special level of pride should be enjoyed by our athletes and others involved in extra curricular activities.

Cherish your experiences of being involved with the C.C.H.S. athletic department.

During the years you were growing up – all the way back to the first time you decided you wanted to play basketball, swing a club, bat or racket, or run through a field – someone else had to make sure you were where you needed to be, when you needed to be there, and had all of your school work caught up before and after.

Someone had to pick you up when you were finished at practice. They had to endure long drives to small, out of the way gyms (most of which had those dreaded plastic bleachers), fields or courses to watch you play – or sit on the sidelines – and they had to do it for year, after year after year – but believe me, they enjoyed it – or at least most of it.

Still – they deserve a special thanks from you, so now is the time to remember to lean over and give that special someone a hug, and a thanks for going the extra mile to ensure that your high school athletic career would be the best it could be.

Finally, remember to come on back from time to time. Those people up in the stands during your games or meets for the most part were your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. But scattered about were others who weren’t related to anyone on the floor by blood, but rather by the simple fact that at some point, they were the ones pouring it out in a game. Some were there last year, others were there decades ago, but they came back to enjoy and show their support for the program.

Do the same, and come back from time to time – or as often as you can, and show some community support for the players on the floor who are taking your place in the blue and white.

Again, congratulations to our seniors, and especially our senior athletes, and to the parents or guardians who will beam with pride this Friday night when those tassels are switched.

At that point, you seniors will transform from student to alumni, but in the end always remember . . .

Once a Bulldog – Always a Bulldog!