City adopts $4.4 million budget

Posted June 12, 2013 at 2:17 pm

Albany City Council approved the next fiscal year budget, heard a presentation from the Wellness Center board and took up other issues at its regular monthly meeting last Tuesday evening, June 4 with all members present. The council first held a 45-minute discussion on the Wellness Center and a separate article on that issue can be found elsewhere this week.

Following talks with the Twin Lakes Wellness Center board members, director and some supporters, the council began routine items of business on its agenda, first holding second reading on a budget amendment for the current 2012-13 year, that ends June 30, including $428,233.50 for various water related projects.

The council, without discussion, then approved the upcoming 2013-14 fiscal year budget, which they had reviewed over the past month since its first reading in May. A motion to approve the budget, which begins July 1, was made by Councilman Frankie Stockton and passed by unanimous vote.

The total budget for the coming year is $4,432,331 and includes a little over $3 million in the water utilities ($2.7 million) and waste water utilities ($340,437), with some $959,400 in the general fund. (A budget summary of totals will be published in the legal pages of the Clinton County News.)

Mayor Nicky Smith then gave a brief project status, noting the Hwy. 127 utility relocation section two/Albany Bypass was complete and in service. The final section to the Tennessee line is expected to be complete in the next few days. Also, the new variable speed motor drive control drivers have been installed on the raw water pumps. This will allow the motors on the raw water pumps to turn slower and should reduce the electricity used.

The council then voted to declare four vehicles as surplus property and either sell them via sealed bid or public auction. Those include a GMC 2500; Dodge 1500; Ford Ranger; and 1998 Jeep.

Councilman James “Smitty” Smith then noted there was an area in south Albany that had grown up with weeds and asked if anything could be done to rectify the situation. Mayor Smith said that several letters would be sent to property owners by the city attorney requesting such areas be cleaned up.

Councilman Tony Delk also asked if some limbs and overhangs could be cut back on some streets in east Albany that is causing traffic hazards to motorists.

Mayor Smith then reminded the council of the 5K Color Run that was held in Albany this past Saturday, June 8 as part of the Lake Cumberland Foundation’s benefit fundraiser, the first annual Lake Cumberland 360 Challenge Motorcycle Tour. That event, highlighted elsewhere was to celebrate the rising waters of Lake Cumberland and is likely to become an annual event.

The next regular meeting of Albany City Council is scheduled for July 2 at 5 p.m. at city hall and is open to the general public.