Posted June 26, 2013 at 2:18 pm

Athletic program at fair another success

After a few years of dwindling participation, especially with the younger age classes, we’ve noticed an increase the past few years in the number of youth who came out to take part in the annual Clinton County Fair Family Night Athletic Events.

Last Tuesday night was yet another year in which we’ve seen larger numbers again than in the previous year, and that’s a good sign that perhaps after allowing our kids to become somewhat sedentary for several years, parents have again realized that a little athletic movement is something that should be stressed.

I’ve been emceeing the event for several years now, and before that, covering the Athletic Event was one of my favorite gigs – back when the races included foot races, bicycle races, tug of wars and were overseen by then C.C.H.S. basketball coach Lindle Castle and long-time eighth grade teacher, the late Otis Brown.

Not only would Coach Castle and Mr. Brown draw the lines, blow the starting whistle and pick out the winners, but they would yell encouragements as well as throw in a little fun-intended ribbing during the then mid-day scheduled event.

The middle ring would always be full of kids waiting for the next race. Then a few years later the numbers dwindled until I feared several years ago that the event would be cancelled.

Slowly during the past few years, the event has built back up, and with the tweaking of the event lineup by fair officials through the years, things are looking much better as far as participation is involved.

The current event lineup includes a host of true athletic races and competitions, with some fun events thrown in along the way (water bucket relay and egg toss) and giving the adults a chance to get in on the fun as well has meant even more success for the program.

This year things at the Athletic Night went better than it has in years. More numbers in each event, better races and more fun all around for everyone.

It was a good night for everyone.

Mike Anders / Fore the Kids – a success

Clinton County Lady Golf Dawg Coach Lynn Starnes tells me that last weekend’s benefit golf tournament was a successful event all-around and elsewhere in this week’s Sports is her “Thanks” as well as the tournament results summary.

While the field wasn’t a full 84 golfer field, some 60 golfers did make the tournament at 76 Falls Country Club last Saturday.

Congrats on the organizers for another successful run.

The Lady Golf Dawgs and Golf Dawgs will officially hit the course July 15 to begin team practice for this upcoming season.