Volley Dawgs win District

Posted October 16, 2018 at 3:47 pm

The Clinton County Volley Dawgs swept the 16th District Tournament by defeating Cumberland County and Russell County in three games each.

This is the second district title in as many years making Clinton County back-to-back champions.

“It has been a great experience to be back to back champions,” Head Coach Kayla Kriek said. “Clinton County volleyball has been continuously improving. The girls have put in so much time and effort into being their best which will make any coach proud because it means we are not stagnant. We are constantly getting better. It’s shows with our back-to-back district championships.”

If that’s not impressive enough, the Clinton County Volley Dawgs didn’t lose a set all year to a district

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    Absentee machine voting is now underway

    Absentee voting is now underway for Kentucky’s November 6 general election, according to Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

    “Kentuckians who cannot get to the polls on election day have the option of voting absentee before the election,” Grimes said. “I am thankful for our county clerks who facilitate absentee voting for voters through the mail and in their offices.”

    Grimes continued, “I will continue to petition our legislators in the 2019 General Assembly to remove the requirement to

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    Brett Gets Shot.psd

    ‘Get the shot. Consult your doc. Stop the spread’

    By Al Cross

    Kentucky Health News

    Clinton County, like most of the rest of the nation, suffered through one of the worst flu seasons on record in 2017 and early 2018.

    Health officials are taking a pro-active role with an early campaign designed to keep the number of cases this season as low as possible.

    Influenza killed 325

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    School Instructional Supervisor Little gives overview of recent test results

    The “newest” version of the K-Prep Accountability System for school districts was recently released, the third model in the past decade, and although most districts in the state showed a need for improvement, Clinton students held their own with the state, doing very well in some categories while needing improvement in others.

    Instructional Supervisor Paula Little noted last week that this was another “transition year” for the Accountability System of testing students and districts and only certain categories were tested this year, with more academic areas to

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    Pre-Foothills XXXIX events this weekend

    include baby show, pageants, gospel singing

    A much anticipated change from the summer-like weather conditions we’ve been enduring in this early fall season is expected to arrive later this week, with much cooler temperatures day and night.

    That would bring a nip of fall-like feeling just in time because for Clinton County residents, it’s Foothills Festival time again – our biggest fall party of the year.

    For the 39th

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    Guffey Single.psd

    Ronnie Guffey, beloved coach of Lady Dawgs, Bulldogs, dies at 63

    Ronnie Guffey stared down an official during the 2005 Sweet 16 semi-final game against Paducah-Tilghman. That 71-56 Clinton County victory was Guffey’s last win as a head coach.

    One of the best known and most well-liked figures from the world of Clinton County High School athletics, Ronnie Guffey, died suddenly last week, at his home in Murray, Kentucky.

    Guffey had been mowing

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    Farm Tractor.psd

    Farm Safety Day is a big hit

    The Clinton County Farm Bureau, along with the Clinton County Extension Service, held the first annual Farm Safety Day at The Blue Grass Stockyards on Thursday.

    The event went off without a hitch and provided tons of safety scenarios that could save a lot of lives in the future.

    Extension Agent Colby Guffey put the details together in order to get the most out of the safety day, including

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    County Clerk Shelia Booher suffers stroke

    Clinton County Clerk Shelia Booher is in critical condition after suffering a massive stroke this past weekend at her home.

    It is still too early to tell when Booher will be able to return to her office at the Clinton County Courthouse.

    Booher is currently at Vanderbilt Medical Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Booher was appointed the position in late 2012 after Jim Elmore retired on December 31, 2012.

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    School DPP York reviews importance of good attendance, improvements and policies regarding school safety

    The 2017-18 school year, not only in Clinton County but many sections of the state and nation, was somewhat tumultuous. And in Clinton County, it was for various reasons.

    A harsh winter, a hard flu season locally and school shootings that sometimes saw many parents apprehensive about sending students to school due to threats, had an adverse affect on both attendance and the call for stricter school safety and security.

    School officials are hoping the 2018-19 school term, which is

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    Relay for Life kicks-off, sets goals for 2018-19 fundraising campaign

    The Clinton County Relay For Life Committee kicked off its 2018-19 fundraising campaign with a meeting last Thursday evening, September 27 at the Early Childhood Center.

    A total of six members, including ACS Relay For Life Area Coordinator Amanda Messer, who chaired the meeting, was on hand for the approximately 40 minute meeting.

    The primary objective for the opening session was to set goals, dates, etc. for the upcoming Relay For Life event, which was tentatively scheduled for April 19

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